Will (Memory Journal Entry by Ben)

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I don’t like to write. I am not good at it. Putting words together feels like I am constructing some sort of puzzle. I would rather do math. There is always a constant, predictable conclusion, as opposed to a million ways to say the same thing. Additionally, words are laced with subtle nuances and innuendos […]

Genius (Memory Journal Entry by Chas)

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It feels weird to say anything in tribute of William Gray; when I think about him, his life seems more than tribute enough.  Those who knew him know how brightly his star shined.  Living for what is much less than a typical lifetime, he, if nothing else, left us enough songs, writings, and poetry to […]

Blake Shelton’s album wins CMA’s Album of the Year

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A word from Dan Beck, Will’s manager, champion for his art, and dear friend… So very bittersweet that Will Gray’s song “Do You Remember” is on the CMA “Album of the Year,” Blake Shelton’s “Based On A True Story” LP. It is one of so many great Will Gray co-written songs. Will, we will always […]

How I’m Doing (Written by Angie)

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I would like to thank you for all of the emails and cards that have been sent.  I have read and truly appreciate each one.  I am sorry for my lack of response to the emails.. it’s been difficult to know what to say. But, the question of how I’m doing has been posed a […]

Little Brother (Memory Journal Entry by Melissa)

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I bought a book in 2001 “Art & the Bible” by Francis A. Schaeffer with every intention of reading it. But, it’s 2013 and I FINALLY finished. Will Gray (who would laugh that I finally finished a book…) is who I thought about as this paragraph unfolded:: “No work of art is more important than […]

Tears of Love from Uganda (Memory Journal Entry by Andrew)

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Along the way and through the ups and downs of life we meet people who impress upon us a mark of significance, an impression that naturally expands the size of the cup with which we draw from the Source. Such people impart the grace of inspiration, unaware of the significance of their soul soothing cadence and […]

Will performs “If You Get Lost” (Video)

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As we were looking through Will’s Vimeo account, we stumbled across this video he uploaded 3 years ago. It was most likely being saved for a Broke* promo, as was “Top of the World” and “Pressure Man”. We’ve kept it labeled “Raw” as Will did, but we take it to mean something a little different. […]

Song Of The Servant (Memory Journal Entry by Marshall)

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A Bible verse that has meant a lot to me lately is Isaiah 50:4: The Lord God has given me the tongue of those who are taught, that I may know how to sustain with a word him who is weary… The verse is part of the third “servant song” of the great prophet Isaiah […]

Start At The Very Beginning (Memory Journal Entry by DJ)

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I have so many stories. I have so many thoughts. So in the words of the sound of music… “Let’s start at the very beginning…” So it was August of 1998, and it was freshman orientation week. It was an open mic that was being hosted in the Lexington Inn. I’m pretty confident everyone asked […]

Will & Reva perform “Hold Out” Live (Video)

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Another beautiful performance by Will & Reva.   #GoTeamGray