Tumor Update, Will’s Pain, Hospital Visitation

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We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Tumor update

After making a third visit to the ER for pain, a CT scan showed the tumor has grown by 10% in the 9 days between this scan and the last. As Angie has told us, “The growth of the tumor is up towards the eye rather than back towards the brain, which is the good news, but the growth up is causing excruciating pain at times.  The past couple of days, with increased medication, have been better…” Because of this increase in pain, Will hasn’t been able to do much. Please know that Angie is doing her best to keep up with the emails, phone calls and cards. She is relaying everything to him, even if she’s not responding to you.

Will’s Spirits

As we mentioned last night, Will’s spirits continue to exude a grace and peace, with such a quiet strength. In a letter, Angie wrote, “With medication that we were warned could make him more aggressive, he instead gives me high fives and makes up funny songs about his side effects and surgery.  Maybe it’s when you have no filter that the true character of a man comes out, and for Will in the depths of his heart he is still the most loving, peaceful person…this is the grace of God I know.” That’s the Will we all know, and the Will we are rallying behind.

Hospital Visitation

If you are local (or are planning to be) the week of the surgery, we would love to see you. There’s a Waiting Room visitation list for surgery day. You can find it here. The organizer, Lauren M., will be updating that calendar once there are firmer times. We’re also planning on adding post-op days, once we have a better understanding of Will’s recovery process. Please don’t forget to double-check that your time is still okay on the site before you come.

Otherwise, please feel free to text Angie, with the understanding that Will’s recovery may not allow guests at certain times.

If you’re the praying type, please join us today in asking for…

  • Rest for both Will and Angie as they prepare for a life-changing surgery
  • Increased pain management as we all count the hours to tumor-removal relief
  • That the surgeons are able to completely remove the tumor, as it is critical that every cancerous cell leave his body

With hope and thanks for this community of friends and family gathering around Will and Angie in any way possible,

Allison & the #GoTeamGray core

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