Updated August 16, 2013

On July 26, 2013, Will Gray passed away.

In the coming months, Will’s wife Angie along with a small team of supporters will be launching a foundation to support independent artists — a cause that Will spent much of his life pursuing. This team will strive to carry on the amazing work Will began with Broke*, to release more and more of his music (there is a tremendous amount that remains unreleased), and to continually fight to make the world of independent music more connected and human.

Remember, the Broke* film is available on iTunes here and the soundtrack album is available here.


About #GoTeamGray

Because Will’s music, his passion for life, his love for his friends, family and faith are too strong to keep quiet.

Because cancer is too hard, too costly and too trying for two people to bear alone.

Because Will has touched too many lives to keep us from giving back in some way.

Because cancer and its effects are part of Will’s and Angie’s stories now, it is also part of ours. And we are committed to making this next chapter of Will’s life flow as smoothly as possible.

The intent here at #GoTeamGray is not to guilt you into giving. Rather, we are trying to provide a vehicle for our many overlapping communities to act — whether you know Will and Angie, whether you have been touched by Will’s music or impacted by his story in some way, whether you love someone who loves him — however you have found yourself here, we want you to be able to help if you want to.

We hope that in the creation of this website, we’re able to offer you a few tangible ways to serve, love, and support someone we love deeply and are blessed to know.

Thank you for visiting!

With love,
-Allison Dykstra, Reva Williams, & Josh Dykstra, on behalf of The #GoTeamGray Core Team

The Story From Will

Life happens. It happens in snapshots and in cinematic wonder. It happens in poems and in novel-like prose, but life happens.

For blessing and for curse, it is upon us and it is our responsibility to live life, not letting it move through us like the seconds of an hour.

Sadly, it often takes extreme circumstances to make us realize these things.

On Wednesday, October 31st, 2012, I was diagnosed with cancer.

A month earlier, the 31st was just another date on the calendar. I anticipated going about my work, writing songs, preparing for a Broke* screening in Kansas City, and passing out candy to neighborhood children.  Yet, that day happened much differently than I could ever have imagined.

It was in late September, after failed treatments for what we originally thought was a sinus infection, I was ordered to get a CT Scan.

The results of the CT Scan revealed there was a tumor growing in my right maxillary sinus (the one under my cheek).

The doctors determined the tumor needed to be removed because it was growing rapidly and beginning to invade my right eye socket. The tumor’s location and type also determined that its removal would require a very invasive and thorough surgical procedure.

That surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, November 27th.

So, a new date on the calendar is looming over me.  However, it is one that was already marked, but for a much different reason. The surgery date also happens to be my wedding anniversary with my wife, Angie.

Through this we are choosing to live. We will live this day, and each one ahead that is graciously given to us. I refuse to be defined by this disease.  I want us all to look forward with a vision that sees far beyond these present circumstances.

I’ve been abundantly blessed with family, and close friends that are helping us meet our day to day needs. They’re providing meals, rides to doctor appointments, as well as laughter, tears, and prayers.

I don’t know what the future holds for me. I don’t know when I’ll be able to record again, or step back on a stage to share music and life with you.

My hope is that you will help carry the load for me while I am away. While I’m healing, I want to look to the coming months ahead and think about meeting you on the other side of recovery.

Right before I was diagnosed, we were preparing to launch a Kickstater campaign for Broke* to meet the final requirements for our distribution deal with SnagFilms (that will put the film online and on a few cable networks).

Oddly enough, I was shooting the video for the Kickstater page, and stopped, because my eye was a little swollen. I called my manager, Dan, and told him, “Let me give this a couple of days, and once the swelling goes down and this sinus infection goes away, I’ll finish it up”.

Well, those days feel like a lifetime ago.

My exact recovery time after surgery is unknown, but expected to be a gradual process.  Yet, each day, I will fight. I will LIVE and pray in thankfulness for continued grace and mercy.

I’m humbled by everyone that is coming to our aide – to lend a hand – to carry the load – and  to continue the work.

Thanks for taking an interest in our small lives, and please know that our hearts are bursting with hope and love.