Where can I send a card or package for Angie?

  • Please use this forwarding address: P.O. Box 455, Brentwood, TN 37024

Doesn’t PayPal take fees?

  • Link a bank account to your PayPal — sending money is free for both you and the recipient when you fund the transfer with your bank account! Also, if money is transfered as “personal” or “a gift” they do not charge fees to the recipient.

Does Angie have to pay taxes on money I give?

  • Angie doesn’t have to pay taxes on any money you give. Gifts are not considered income, and she does not have to report them on her tax return in any way.

How much can I give without having to file a “gift tax return” on my donation?

  • Tax law states that each individual can gift up to $13,000/year to another individual with no tax implications (i.e. each individual person in a couple can gift this amount to each individual person in another couple).

Can I deduct my gift on my taxes?

  • No. Tax law does not allow a tax deduction for money given to an individual.

Can I directly pay for medical bills?

  • Yes! In fact, if you do this you can give an unlimited amount without tax implications — we just have to make those payments directly to the service provider. If you would like to do this, please email gifts@goteamgray.com.

Got another question? Email info@goteamgray.com.