Thank you for taking an interest in the Broke* documentary and the efforts of songwriter/artist and filmmaker Will Gray in his exploration of the challenges that independent artists face in today’s music industry.

If you haven’t already heard, Will is currently fighting a battle with cancer, which has affected his efforts to stay in touch with his many friends who have been involved in making and supporting the film.

We want you to know that we have a group of friends who are helping Will continue the efforts to expose the film and the artists who appear in it. We also hope to make more of Will’s music available, as so many people have been requesting.

We are excited to report that The Broke* film is scheduled to launch on on-demand and digital networks on June 25!

The Broke* soundtrack album is available NOW for downloading at iTunes [click here].

We will be updating you on additional information as it becomes available. Should you have an interest in learning more about Will’s current health challenges, please visit

We appreciate all your support and prayers for Will and his wife Angie!


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