Good News and Future Recovery Plans

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Last night, Angie sent an email chock full of good news.

This Wednesday, December 5, Will was discharged from the hospital. Hooray! And while there’s a little trepidation without having help just a button push away, both Will and Angie are very happy to be home. Angie reports that they are both now “clumsily figuring out all of the steps involved in our new daily routine.”

On Thursday, December 6, Will and Angie met with the maxillofacial surgeon. He was very pleased with Will’s healing. The next step is adjusting Will’s obturator (prosthetic jaw) over the next couple of months, after which he should have one that fits well and allows him to both speak clearer and eat better.

After that appointment, they met with the main surgeon who delivered the best news.

The margins came back clean! 

The surgeon reported that Will’s progress is positive, and despite the really rough roads he’s been on, Will is now on the other side. The pathology report confirmed that the cancer was extremely aggressive, so radiation is in his future, but it doesn’t look like he will have to have chemotherapy! Radiation will start in about 3-r4 weeks and will then last for 4-7 weeks, 5 days a week.

After radiation, the current plan is to get the permanent obturator and then go to a speech pathologist.

Angie reports that Will had a great day on Thursday, more active than she has seen him in quite some times.

As always, your continued prayers and well wishes are coveted. Here’s hoping that the scariest part of this journey has passed, and that the road to the “new normal” will continue to be lined with hope, support, strength and of course, love.

Celebrating this victory!

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  1. Irenea Fitzgerald
    December 18, 2012

    Continuous prayers for you and your family!!!!

  2. Charlene and Allan Dykstra
    December 14, 2012

    We were very happy to hear the excellent report from the surgeon. We are hoping and praying that each day brings improvement and complete healing and strength!!
    Love, Charlene and Allan

  3. Michael Andre gray
    December 9, 2012

    Very thankful for the good news the daily progress to the new norm drive on strike deep Tally Ho!!!

  4. Bonni Rucker
    December 9, 2012

    WOO HOO! How great is this! Much love to you both! Will keep you in thought and prayers!!!!
    Aunt Bonni

    • Michael Andre gray
      December 9, 2012

      Hi aunt Bonni

  5. Carol
    December 7, 2012

    I am just amazed at what you both have has to endure over this short time frame! Now that there is light at the end if the tunnel and a concrete plan, I hope your stress is easing somewhat. Brad and I are sending the vibes out for continued improvement and happier times!

  6. Kim Godawa
    December 7, 2012

    This is great news! So glad he is healing at home now. we continue to uphold you in prayer!
    Kim and Brian


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