The Launch of The Will Gray Blueprint

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Both professionally and personally, Will Gray had an incredible team of people who loved him and saw his passion, love, and vision in both his life and work.  As we’ve mentioned it throughout this #GoTeamGray journey, he considered you part of that team, and as his wife, I witnessed the value he placed on you. […]

Angie’s Reflection After Visiting Zimbabwe & India

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I’m sitting in my room, which feels painfully quiet right now.  Kelli, John, and I just returned from a 3 week trip to Zimbabwe and India.  There were very few moments during that time that we were not surrounded by dozens and dozens of people, mostly small children, which was actually quite comforting, healing, and […]

One Year Passed

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One year ago today, July 26, at 8:20 pm MST, Will Gray left our world. We all carry his memory in our hearts differently, and have grieved this great loss in many variations over the last year. Despite these differences, though, we are still joined together by the legacy of a talented, loving man. Today, […]

Happy Birthday, Will

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Will Gray, born June 29, 1980. While we wish the pain Will and Angie faced in the last two years on no one, we recognize the universal story of their journey — love, heartache, passion, fight, loss, grief, growth — these are all part of the human condition. For the months that GoTeamGray existed, we […]

Holding both… grief and joy. (An Update from Angie)

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Holding both… grief and joy. A couple months ago, I spent a week at a healing trauma center.  I arrived on a beautiful property with cabins, horses, blue sky, and silence, except for my heart beating out of my chest, full of anxiety.  When I arrived they took all forms of technology.  I was left with […]

A little help from our friends…

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The #GoTeamGray project was born out of a desire to share Will and Angie’s journey in the most effective, streamlined way. It was an opportunity to involve even the most far-reaching friends in our struggles, in our joys, and ultimately in our grief. Through the process, a community blossomed in a way parallel to the […]

“…the next right thing.” (From Angie)

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I still don’t know how to respond and often wonder what people really want to know when they ask how I’m doing or family or how any of us are really? Do people really want to know the truth? I know some people do. Do I really want to be honest? Sometimes saying that I’m […]

The Mystery (Written by Will Gray)

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So, as we are closing in on the end of another year it all just seems like a blur.  It seems that I never have enough time to do the things that I would like to do.  Busy Busy Busy, but for what?  I’m still trying to figure that out. I hope that I’m doing […]

Our Anniversary (A Note from Angie)

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November 27, 2004.   Nine years ago, Will and I were married.  I wish I could look back on that day and describe it as the most beautiful day of our lives and in some ways I can, but not in the ways that most people would probably describe their wedding day.  The beautiful part […]

My Friend, Will Gray (Memory Journal Entry by Mary Beth)

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Angie recently told me that Will had over 700 drafts in his email. Drafts. Never sent, never perfected, never read. As someone who only has three drafts in her email, and knows exactly to whom and for what those drafts are purposed, I wonder, what is Will teaching us from this seemingly insignificant, yet most […]