Happy Birthday, Will

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Will Gray, born June 29, 1980.

While we wish the pain Will and Angie faced in the last two years on no one, we recognize the universal story of their journey — love, heartache, passion, fight, loss, grief, growth — these are all part of the human condition. For the months that GoTeamGray existed, we were able to broadcast a more intimate look at what was going on with Will and Angie, in hopes of reaching those that could cling to their story, identify with, pray for, and draw closer despite any physical distance. When Will passed, the updates slowed, but the story didn’t end.

As we near what would have been Will’s 34th birthday, we would like to share with you the gift Angie created in honor of his birthday. Grouping together excerpts from love letters and journals, peppering in pictures and moments, Angie has created a storybook of unconditional love.

Is it personal? Wildly. Is it beautiful? Absolutely. As you flip/click through the book, keep in mind just how delicate and raw these pages are. It is a true privilege to us (at GoTeamGray) that we could stand by and witness Will and Angie’s journey thus far, and that we continue to see just how deeply, fiercely, and tenderly they loved one another.

So, please enjoy this added glimpse into their love story.

Happy 34th birthday, Will. We love and miss you dearly.



  1. Deanna Kendall
    December 8, 2014

    To William’s family and friends:

    It was about a month ago I found out that William had passed. I had no idea his life lived so quick, had been so full after the movie Broke and listening to his music I had no idea.
    The way I remember William was in church as a child finding himself and boy did he. He was special to me for bringing me a book A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes when I found out I had Multiple Scleroses, to me it was my bible. I was blind and I am sure My Mother-In-Law knew it by heart. If I never let him know how much it meant to me just remember that William was already finding his way.
    Love you William forever!!!!


  2. Laurie Dhonau
    June 30, 2014

    Happy birthday to Will. What a wonderful gift to each of us, this deeply personal look inside their love story and life together. Thank you, Angie.


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