Starting Chemo and Prayer Requests

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We received the results of the FNA (biopsy) of the lymph node. With heavy hearts, we report that it came back positive for cancer. It doesn’t change the current treatment plan as it had already been changed because of the fear that the lymph node was cancerous. If the current plan of increased radiation and chemotherapy does not work, then Will will have another surgery to remove the lymph node. This will be performed by the same surgeon who removed the tumor. We feel in very good hands with him. He is an incredible surgeon, but we hope and pray that will not have to take place.

Will started chemotherapy this past Tuesday. He will continue to have radiation Monday-Friday for the next 4 weeks (2 weeks completed!). He will have chemotherapy every Tuesday for the next 4 weeks as well. The chemotherapy lasts about 4-6 hours each time. His last day will be February 19th. From what we’ve been told, he is going to be quite miserable and the side effects will be worse because he is receiving the two treatments simultaneously. He has already had an extremely challenging time, so I can’t imagine it getting worse. Please pray for him to have strength. His speech pathologist told him that for the next 4 weeks, he just has to do whatever he has to do to endure and get through it. Will you pray that he will be able to endure and get through it. Will you also pray for me to be strong for him and serve him well even in the midst of my own fear and exhaustion.

Will’s days have been very unpredictable. He had a few great days this past week without much nausea and a good amount of energy. He was able to spend time with friends, laugh, crack jokes, share about all that he is going through. Then Thursday, he had one of the worst bouts of nausea yet. He was unable to keep anything down and we ended up in the ER that night for the 5th time. The doctors were able to get it under control and gave him IV fluids. He is still very weak, but seems to be a little bit better than he was.

We are extremely thankful for the days of mercy and we have seen God’s kindness even in the hard days. But, we are just so desperate for things to get better and for Will to be completely cancer free. It has been an incredibly difficult journey and its taking its toll on us. We will never give up the hope of healing or stop fighting for it. We just ask the Lord to be merciful to us, to bring relief from these horrible side effects, to heal Will’s body from every last cancer cell, and to give us contentment and joy in the midst of this incredibly difficult time.

— Angie


  1. Nancy LaRocco
    January 26, 2013

    Dear Will and Angie, I wake up often in the night and am committed to pray
    for you both. You were on my heart the other nite and I saw your new
    update. Faith makes us keep our eyes on the vision yet to come. May all
    of us who are praying for you see the vision of your well being and victory.
    God bless you with courage to continue in this season. God’s love hold you close
    to each other and to Him. A friend of a friend who cares, Nancy

  2. Julie Helt
    January 25, 2013

    Just want you to know that you Will and Angie are in our prayers. Praying for your strength, and for healing.

  3. Matt Inman
    January 22, 2013

    Erin and I are praying. We are praying your words. We are praying that this exhausting process will rid his body of this cancer, that it won’t come to another surgery. Thanks for sharing.

    matt and erin inman

  4. Doria
    January 22, 2013

    “Surely He took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows, yet we considered Him stricken by God, smitten by Him and afflicted. But He was pierced for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities and by His wounds we are healed.”. Isaiah 53: 4-5

    I am standing on God’s Word for you guys and for your family. I know you are both tired and hurting right now… Just don’t be afraid. God is not only merciful, but He is Almighty and you are His…. No fear.

    Cousin Doria

  5. Beth
    January 21, 2013

    Will & Angie–

    I met Will years ago when he was with ScratchTrack in Nashville. Brief meeting but have always enjoyed Will’s music. A friend told me of this website, so I have been reading tonight to catch up on how Will is doing that I might know how to pray. I am praying from Texas and am a late night shift worker. So I will pray during the nightwatches for Will, and Angie I am praying our sweet Jesus will continue to carry you and fortify you in the days ahead. Praying for Mercy Days and Mercy Moments and for the battle to relent. Thank you for allowing us the privilege to pray. Hope to you both— Beth Herndon


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