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Hello from California!  I am here for a week to be with Angie and William (along with Dianna, Angie’s mom, and Kelli, Angie’s sister).  The Ross family (Angie’s family) have been our closest family friends our entire life.  I’m really thankful for the chance to be here with them and try to help out.

It’s hard to explain how Will is doing.  When we dropped by to see Will on our way through LA a week ago, he seemed to be very weak and we had very little chance to talk to him.  He wasn’t able to get up without help and wasn’t getting out of bed very much.  A week later we arrived back and were so amazed to see the improvement in Will!  He was going out to the pool in his wheelchair every day, awake (either in bed or sitting in his wheelchair) 6-8 hours a day, and had really gained much more strength and mobility.  I’ve now been here 3 days and he has now become more tired, his pain in his sternum and hip has greatly increased, and he seems to be weaker and a little bit sad.

Honestly speaking, it is heartbreaking to watch him in so much suffering and to see everyone working so hard toward his healing, not knowing what is going on in his body.  We are ecstatic and rejoice when we see big victories (he got out of bed the other night, went to the other room and returned, all on his own!) and we grieve when we see him hurting and his energy waning (despite his valiant efforts to be present and engaged with us).

We cry out to God, begging Him to hear us (we know He does), stating the truth that He loves us, longs to give us good gifts, promises to answer our persistent cries.  We grieve, knowing that He can heal Will, not knowing if He will.

It is beautiful and honestly heartwrenching to watch Will and Angie walk through all of this so faithfully-praying to trust God more fully through this, asking Him to make His glory known, asking God for the gift of having Will with us for years to come.  William’s kind heart is so visible in each of his words of thanks for any small gesture and his concern for how everyone else is (despite his enduring pain  that wracks his body).

For now, we wait.  We invite you all to continue to ask God for His mercy, to take the cancer away, to restore strength to Will’s body, to relieve his pain, to bring hope and joy and remove fear, despair, and sadness.  We place the Will that we all love in the hands of our loving, sovereign Father.

Thanks for praying with us.




  1. Kaisha
    May 7, 2013

    keep fighting will!!!! keep fighting!!! we r still praying!!! and allllll things r possible with god!!! u r going to win this battle!!!!

  2. Adam French
    May 7, 2013

    Hello, I do not know will personally, but I grew up in Henry county watching him play ball. I still remember my friends and I talking about how good the High School team was. In addition, I want Will to know that I am praying for the Lord to completely heal him. Last month our Pastor was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive from of cancer. (Pastor David Landrith) I encourage some of you to go to our website. http://www.longhollow.com/messages and listen to two sermons. They are “Special Message From Pastor David Mar 10, 2013” under the tab/series Stand-Alone Messages. David reveals his cancer to the Church and preaches a powerful message. “Why, Who and How? Mar 24, 2013” under the tap/series The Big Question this is a great message from our Ass. Pastor regarding cancer. I hope these will encourage Will and all those whom are serving him with their Love.


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