Will performs “If You Get Lost” (Video)

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As we were looking through Will’s Vimeo account, we stumbled across this video he uploaded 3 years ago. It was most likely being saved for a Broke* promo, as was “Top of the World” and “Pressure Man”. We’ve kept it labeled “Raw” as Will did, but we take it to mean something a little different. This performance is raw in the most beautiful, honest and true sense. Please enjoy.


Thank you, Will.


  1. jacinta
    October 26, 2013

    i loved him

  2. Dick Webber
    October 25, 2013

    On many occasions I’ve found myself forming words to begin a brief paragraph in tribute and thanks to Will and the gifted man he showed us in this world. Of all the “perfect times” I could have hit send with a reply, I find myself literally and somewhat awkwardly standing in awe in the middle of an airport watching the work of gifted and genuinely rich soul as well as a man taken way too soon.

    I’ve witnessed from afar month after month as family and friends have fought fearlessly and cared passionately for such a remarkable couple and your desire to continue to love the world and those around you. I myself haven’t seen Will since High School back in Paris. I left at the age of 15 almost 17 years ago and at that time I’m certain Will never knew me by name. Me only witnessing a very poised and excitable young man in my theater class and an individual that seemed very different and wealthy in spirit, passion and selflessness. I’ve been on an email chain hanging onto every word as they filter through my inbox, each message leaving me hopeful and full of questions of my own. Yet this evening I find myself lost in a video and sharing a moment with maybe just myself. But as I stand by and watch repeatedly, it’s almost as if Will himself is standing here and we are having the conversation of our lives. Am I “lost”? That may never be determined by man, but I surely know that I am here today and before me is a presence and reassurance that God is not only real, but he puts people on this earth to do great things. And while it may seem unfair at times and hurts so deep the future seems uncertain for many, God’s work and the work of those who have trusted truly in his love certainly carries on. Even after years of separation, hundreds of miles out of reach and regardless of who may or may not be around to witness or attest, the work and passion continues long after the soldiers are “gone” from this earth. Angie, I’ve never met you and while I can’t imagine the road you’ve traveled, I will say I admire your loyalty, love and determination. You were a very lucky woman to have spent so much quality time with such a wonderful man. I’ve often felt selfish as I’ve read and witnessed your journey from afar, but in this moment I must take the time to simply say thanks for sharing with us all. Your own words, and the love shown from those who have help carry you along the way have painted a portrait that will forever be in the hearts of many as an irreplaceable example of what true love and selflessness looks like in the flesh. May you continue to heal and take great pride in knowing you are loved by so many wonderful people and such a great man. BIG HUG from Atlanta!

  3. Jack Spencer
    October 23, 2013

    What an incredibly gifted and talented Man. Miss you Will.

  4. Laurie Dhonau
    October 23, 2013

    I never met Will in person; I only know him because my daughter loved and respected him from the semester he mentored her at CMC. This song is one of the reasons I’ve come to love him . . . the man breathed music from his very soul. And that’s a rare and precious gift to all of us. Thank you for sharing.


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